The Bethlahem Institute of Engineering was established by the Nesamony Memorial Trust. This Trust has already left behind its footprints in the field of education by establishing and efficiently running the following two pretigious education institutions viz..




The mission of The Bethlahem Institute of Engineering is to provide students with quality education that kindles creativity, encourages innovation and inculcates ethical practices thereby enabling them to compete in the Global Engineering / Technical arena successfully. To help them gain an edge over others in the employment market and to make a difference in their career.

Rules And Regulations

  • To transform the Institute into a world renowned centre of learning with global competency so that by 2020 BETHLAHEM stands tall among the top engineering colleges in the state / country.
  • To render public service by offering value-based education for the upliftment of the under privileged masses.
  • To mould the youth into becoming wholesome personalities with the right combination of academic excellence and life skills besides, having a genuine concern for humanity and a just social order.