Chairman's Speech


Bethlahem Institute of Engineering was established in 2007 which is owned and managed by Nesamony Memorial Trust, Karungal. The aim of the managing trust is to provide quality education to the weaker sections of the society. The admission is open to all.



The vision of the management is to bring this institution to the international standards of learning. The motto of the institution is “Arise and Shine”. The trust has high ideals and values. The college is in continuous pursuit of excellence in promoting social, cultural and moral values for social harmony and national development. The infrastructure of the college is well-structured for providing a conductive climate for learning. The college library provides good resource for B.E. and M.E. students from all over the country.

The infrastructure facilities of the institution are well-utilized by the teacher educators and students teachers. The college provides training to the students in developing social, cultural, and moral values. They are given adequate training in teaching skills as well as communication skills and life skills.

The teachers are those who mould the future generations of our nation. With the increasing complexity of problems in the society, the expectations from the teachers are also increasing. The aim of education is to satisfy the needs of the society. To fulfill the needs, our college trains the students to become committed teachers who are the builders of the society.

I thank and appreciate the efforts taken by the principal, the coordinator, the teaching and non-teaching faculty for their continuous support.