Principal's Desk

I am both honored and flattered to have the pleasure of speaking to you all today.

We all come from many different walks of life and have our share of sacrifices that we have made.But I believe that we should find comfort in knowing that our lives are before us and we have done well to make it this far.

However, I challenge you not to rest on your seat but to continue to strive towards even greater goals. Never settle for anything in life, because if you do… you’ll never know what the best feels like. The key to self-improvement is change. I am sure we have all had our share of past mistakes and slip-ups, But remember that an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it and now is the time to start. The first step toward making any change is by first realizing that it starts with YOU. Your character is the key element to your future. The type of person you, are, how you treat others, and your attitude about life in general. They are the core of a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

It starts with small steps and In the end, they all add up. My hope for you is that you will cultivate this attitude in Bethlahem Institute of Engineering. That each small decision you make; takes you one step closer to achieving self-improvement.

Dr.A.Justin Diraviam
Dr.A.Justin Diraviam