College Anthem


Tune: (" Will Your anchor hold...." S.S.879)

Let us all unite His anthem Song

While Heav'n and earth His Praises bring

We the Children of Bethlahem Institute

Learn with a will and strengeth "Arise And Shine"


We are true comrades with common aims

Steadfast and sure we the trials face

Steadily we march with our banner high

Glory Halleluah to His name on high

Lord we gather here with a great delight

Lift our hearts with joy and a radiant light

Bring our moral,truth,faith and honesty

Lighting all dark corners we'll "Arise And Shine".

We technocrats of Bethlahem Institute

With a true heart bold and a faith e'er strong

Spread our talents and values all o'er the world

Serving all mankind with love "Araise and Shine".