The Alumni Association at BIoE aims to create a global community of alumni, teachers, and students that supports lifelong involvement with one another and the institution, as well as significant advocacy and opportunities. This association helps in developing alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support, as well as celebrating the uniqueness of the evergreen experience, in order to support the institution's work now and in the future.

Sl.No Name Position
1 Mr. Gerald Selvaraja Patron
2 Dr. S. Jerald Jeba Kumar President
3 Mr. M. Saravanan Secretary
4 Mr. Belfin Raj Joint Secretary
5 Dr. C. Emmy Prema Treasurer
6 Ms. K. Sindhu Member
7 Mr. B. Sugad Singh Member
8 Ms. P. Abitha Rose Member
9 Ms. L. Febin Rani Member
10 Ms. P.M.Eso Kumary Paul Member
12 Mr. M. Santhosh Member
13 Mr. R. Monikandakumar Member
14 Mr. H. Hanio Merinkline Member
15 Mr. C. Arul Jerman Member

Alumni Placed Students