About the Department

The Department of English at Bethlahem Institute of Engineering strengthens the Communication Skills of the technocrats so that they can be moulded as global citizens. English has become a main tool for worldwide communication. A command of English and the power to use it in speech and writing is an indispensible attainment to people of all professions. To achieve this, a well equipped English Communication Language with the latest technology has been set up. The electronic gadgets and other accessories available in the lab help the users to sharpen the skills of the language – LSRW – faster, more accurately and more effectively. They can listen to native speakers of English and even interact with them. There are select CDs and other software to help learners at different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The lab, the hub of Bethlahem, serves as a launching pad for those who dream of lucrative posts in the corporate world as they get trained into becoming world class effective communicators of the language – the primary prerequisite of every professional.

The Department is effectively functioning with eminent faculty members. The students are continuously encouraged to exhibit their latent skills by providing them with suitable platform. The feedback from our alumni related to the language skill acquisition pushes the department forward to work better and more effective.

To develop communication competency in English Language and to equip the learners to face the challenges in technical scenario confidently.